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Female Office Employee Of The Year

WIPM 2023 Office Employee of the Year Award

Nominations are now open for the Inaugural WIPM 2023 Office Employee of the Year Award.


Your team works hard all year round to deliver operational excellence. They’re dedicated, motivated, and ultimately brilliant at what they do. But when was the last time you told them that, or showed your appreciation for their tireless support? Or publicly acknowledged their incredible input, impeccable attendance, and unparalleled punctuality? There is nothing better than having someone (especially an employer) take notice of your effort. This is your opportunity to nominate your office employee.  Nominees may be nominated by more than one person and can be nominated by anyone which includes a family member, a work colleague, or even a customer. Nominees must reside and/or work in Australia.

Nominations will close at 5pm on the 2nd May 2023. You may nominate more than one person, but you must submit a separate nomination form for each. Contact [email protected] with any questions.

The winner will receive:

  • Plaque
  • Recognition in industry magazines, newsletters and social media platforms
  • Winner’s framed certificate
  • Winner graphics for their own promotion
  • Invited to be a guest on Pestie Profiles Podcast

The WIPM 2023 Leadership Award will be presented at the Termite Professional Conference Gala Dinner at the Maroochy RSL Event Centre on Friday 7th July 2023.

Judging Process

To ensure professionalism and transparency, a judging panel made up of respected industry professionals with no conflicts of interest are chosen to examine the submitted nominations. The criteria of these nominations request all nominators to complete a detailed document which includes supporting testimonials. The judges may request an interview with the nominee and additional documentation to support the submission. Each judge will score each submission based on the testimonials and documentation provided by the award nominators. The aggregate highest score will determine the winner of the award.

The winner will be notified in the second week of May to allow them the opportunity to attend the Termite Professional Conference Gala Dinner to accept their award.