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Career Paths for Women in Pest Management

One of the biggest challenges in the pest industry is hiring field technicians. And when someone does come through the door, they are often a poor fit or are entirely unqualified. So more and more of us are rethinking our hiring process, from job descriptions in our ads to recruitment budgets.

By attracting the interest of women in recruiting, we can expand our applicant numbers, as well as improve the quality and diversity of our workforce. Here are five tips on how you can recruit, hire, and retain more women to work for your business:


  • Rethink your requirements. Pest control is a male dominated industry and many of the standards are geared towards men by default, rather than necessity. Think about the physical requirements of the job, and in particular, the equipment. Instead of a large backpack, there are options for a smaller one. Being flexible in making small equipment changes (and highlighting these options in the job description) will expand your applicants. It demonstrates that females can do the job the same way as their male co-workers, and that you’re dedicated to their success in the field.
  • Job descriptions are more than a list of requirements. They’re an ad for your business, and as such you need to consider who you’re marketing the position to.
  • Showcase the women already in your business. Women are more likely to apply for a position within a workplace that they can easily picture themselves in. Think about how you can feature the women in your business across your platforms (website, social media, etc.). It is important to set an example and demonstrate your support and encouragement towards your female employees. And if you don’t have them yet, think creatively! Bring in a female friend or family member to wear a uniform and get a few snapshots. Make it known that you’re currently focusing on creating diversity within your business. Show support to other women in other businesses through WIPM.
  • Highlight your training program. Most of the time, women won’t apply for a job unless they meet nearly all the requirements listed. Which is obviously a good thing! However, to receive more applications, showcase your training program and educational opportunities. This will demonstrate to female applicants that they can gain the knowledge and experience required while already working for you.
  • Offer support and mentorship. You can do this through WIPM. We can help you. As you start to recruit more females, it is important to make them feel like they have support. Teach them about safety and how to avoid a hazardous work environment. Give them lessons on self-defence and how to avoid and deflect harassment. Provide them with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to do their job well. Another way to offer support is to provide them with a mentor. Contact WIPM and we will introduce them to another female in the industry, who can offer insight and share experiences.